Corporate Profile


Ali Venture International is a global business group that provides a diverse range of services to its selective markets.

The group has been competently led and guided by our Chairman, Mr. Ali Hasan. The group reflects the Chairman’s vision and diversification with the changing times. In a world where business has a pace and momentum more aggressive than ever before; the group’s success has been in the creative diversification when there is a need for change.

The group has varied business interest that range across different industry sectors. The group has grown and established a reputation that spans a period of over four decades within its market place. Headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain the group is slowly and steadily growing to cover major part of the Middle East, European and Asian Territories.

Culture and Belief

Ali Venture International has a forthright vision of becoming leaders in all our chosen fields of business nationally, regionally and internationally.

Ali Venture International aims to ensure a vibrant and sustainable channel to our marketplace; dedicated to the study, development and dissemination of product and services in all our chosen fields working with global business and industries.

Our vision serves as the framework for our success and guides every aspect of our business leading to the achievement of continual, sustainable and quality growth.

Our People

For more than 45 years, we have been building great relationships with suppliers, customers, employees and communities.

A company grows only as much as its resources. With over 800 employees from 25 nationalities working in various businesses spread across the region, we together with our community have come a long way.