Our Areas of Operations


Our operations began back in the early seventies with a retail outlet expanding quickly into a chain of express stores and retail markets. During the seventies and early eighties the focus was heavily within the retail sector. Early eighties also allowed us to expand into construction and related disciplines. During the nineties we diversified even further into education, HVAC/R and electro mechanical services. With the coming of the millennium we ventured into real estate, technology, digital and advertising sectors.

Ali Venture Group has now been in business for just under 50 years, growing steadily and diversified into multi channel as well as multiple industry sectors. Our various operations are now organized to deliver the greatest possible focus on customers and their needs, and to exploit and harness our shared resources in the best possible way.

Strategic Alliances

Our strategic alliances are formed with established as well as advancing product and service providers whose skill sets provide maximum synergy with Ali Venture's broad and evolving service offerings. These companies provide products and services that are essential to our solutions. By leveraging our collective and individual strengths through fully integrated partnerships, we are able to capitalize on key market opportunities. Activities conducted through our Strategic Alliance program include sharing specialized resources, joint marketing of solutions, and pro-actively pursuing new business opportunities.

Global Presence

We are head quartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain but expanded our coverage across the Middle East, Asian and European Territories. Our goal is to continue to expand our reach and create an inter-linked global identity.